Rhinestone Cowgirl Name:Eleanor Stevens (AKA Kash Miatukano)
Age:21 (and counting)
Bloodtype:O Positive
Hobbies:Art, Music, Obssesive compulsive anime shopping, MST 3k
Favorite Subjects:Art, Cinematography, Photography, History
Least Favorite Subjects::Math, Math, Math, Math, and did I forget to Mention, MATH?
Favorite Food:Yoshinoya Beef Bowl and French Fries
Dislikes:Ryo-Oki, Surrender Monkeys, Crapily Drawn Furry Comics, The bad kind of liar, Uneducated People, Geroge Bush, Racisim...man this list could go on and on!
Likes:Shiny objects, kids (the non bratty kind), working with my hands, Halloween, Animals, Old Hong Kong Newspapers and Rats (AKA McDonalds Hambugers) eBay, and RPG's.
Video Game I'm Most Like To Kick Your @$$ Playing:Darkstalkers using BBhood Baby.
A Little Background:

Okay yeah this is where I'm supposed to go on and on about how was raised in a loving family, blah, blah, how good and christian I am, blahhh. Ha No way! I am a crappy Catholic and I'm going to say Catholic cause for some reason stupid christians don't consider us even religious. All i have to say is a POX on thee you Semi-Heathens!!!! Anyways what's there to know about me? I like to draw, and take pictures, and film things with my little camera's from Prehistoria. I have about 4 cats and 1 dog, all loving, all sweet, all piggy wiggys! I play various Rpg games, the video game kind and the table top kind. Man I miss Jay (my good buddy and StoryTeller) but he should be back soon so no worries. I like futzing around with eletronic equipment on the side and i've been known to eletrocute myself with little more than a Triple A battery.

You could call me a Jack of All Trades, master of none. I like Music, Anime, Sking, Surfing, and a whole lot of other crap i can't remember, but when it's shoved in my face i know i love it ^.~. Let's see, I have all sorts of power issues, and I'm currently being tested by Sirens ALA Homers Oddesy. I think I'd like to work for Natural Geographic discovery Channel, or Disney one of these day's. Oh by the way, do you like my cowyboy picture? Kinda interesting huh? The hat is from my large collection of hats, and i decided to play around and take some pictures in it with my Korean WebCam. Hopefully someone will snap a decent picture of me looking decent insted of wigged out and half awake sometime this century.

Quotable Quote:"Aww crabber Monkeys..."

Wanna Send Me Praise? Email me at   Harukai@sailormoon.com